Bella Coola

My sweet girl Bella Coola was scared of everything when she came into my life.  I spent all of my free time exposing her to different places, people, dogs and challenging situations to help her gain more confidence and overcome her fears.  Things were going great until her fear started to progress – she started barking at people (aggressively) off leash.  I did not see this behaviour coming.  There was no specific trigger or environment that would bring this on…she just seemed to pull someone out of hat – and bam!  I spent over 2 years working with different trainers and techniques, but she just wouldn’t budge – absolutely no improvement.  I was at my wits end – I had this beautiful, athletic dog (who was born to run) who I desperately wanted to be involved in my outdoor life in every possible way and I just couldn’t get there.  I spent a better part of 6 months in tears every morning because I felt so helpless and had broken the bank on trying to do what was best for her. 

My last attempt for help came through Street Wise Canine.  We did the work through classes, tried some new tools (i.e. prong collar and e-collar – both of which I was VERY skeptical about – WOW did that ever change!) and am continually engaged on the Facebook page for clients.  Street Wise Canine doesn’t just offer “classes” or “training”, they’ve created a community where people support one another through the hard bumps in the road, and celebrate the successes.  The continuous support I have received from Cher and Monika at SWC has been amazing.  I obnoxiously recommend everyone I meet (with a dog, that is) to reach out to SWC.  Back to my sweet and fear barking Bella Coola – she is a completely different dog.  She struts with such fearlessness now – I’m beyond the moon proud of her.  We still have some work to do, but we are both re-gaining our confidence which has finally lead to off-leash fun!!!  Thanks Cher and Monika!!