I would like to share my experience with Cher at Streetwise canine and the difference she has made in my relationship with my dog Gracie.  Gracie is a four month old German Shepherd puppy that had several issues that I was having trouble dealing with.  She was fearful of vehicles and would try to chase them, she would bark and lunge at other dogs, chase our Cats and flatten them.  She was terrified of other Puppies and pulled strongly when we would walk her.  She bit us constantly, not lightly either to the point that I was ready to give up and I have had dogs all of my life. I wasn’t new to them, but I knew that I just couldn’t manage her without professional help.  I called Cher and she agreed to take her for a week into her Board and Train program, possibly longer, depending on Gracie and what she needed.  

I watched the videos every day that Cher posted and couldn’t believe the changes I was seeing in her, you could see her confidence building every day.  Cher worked on keeping her calm and on counter conditioning with her fear issues.  We decided after a week that with her many issues, she would need a week longer with her and I’m grateful that Cher was willing to keep trying with her.  She would go into a defensive mode for no reason at all, like she felt that you were trying to murder her, it was the strangest thing. Cher had so much patience with her and it really shows now, she is a completely different dog.  

We can walk her without her pulling non stop, she no longer lunges barking at other dogs and her biting is way, way better, more just mouthing now.  She is still a puppy and is teething so we don’t expect miracles with the mouthing until she is a bit older and out of her puppy stage.