I cannot say enough about the work Cher does, her understanding of dog behaviour and the relationship between dogs and humans is nothing short of amazing. When I was by chance connected with her, I was at a point with my dog where I felt I had run out of options – I recognized that Gus was insecure, but I thought I had done everything I could, and this included private training. My quality of life had gone down and so had Gus’. Cher responded to my email within hours, and offered a consultation the very next day. She was direct and honest, while still being non-judgemental, and literally, in minutes, had Gus working for her.

Two days later and Gus and I are going for hour and a half long walks all over the community, walking confidently past anything and anyone we meet instead of avoiding them like we used to. Not only that, but we’re enjoying ourselves again – I’m actually smiling and saying hi to people we pass. Just today, as we walked  with no problem by three people standing on the sidewalk, one of them remarked, “Nice dog” – the ultimate compliment! I cannot thank Cher enough, and look forward to working with her some more.