Lenny is our 1.5 year old bull mastiff rescue, who used to “run the show” in my house – whines every 2 hours to go out to play, didn’t walk well on a leash (either pulled or would just stop entirely), would go “nuts” at the sight of another dog and had zero recall off leash. We called Cher at the advice of our dog walkers and we couldn’t be happier. Lenny finally knows who’s boss and her behaviour in and… out of the house has completely changed (from hyper to calm).

I learned that Lenny was “addicted” to Adrenaline. Cher taught us how to control these behaviours and now she walks beautifully beside us on our “structured walks” and never begs/whines to go out and feed her adrenaline addiction. Cher’s techniques for Lenny included the use of a prong collar, which is something I wasn’t sure about before meeting Cher, but now I’m a believer! She taught me how to use it properly (without using excessive force) and the results are amazing. I feel comfortable with these techniques now and I have a safer and happier dog because of it. We’ve only had one session from Cher so far and am really happy about the results already, can’t wait to see more. – Lillia