My boyfriend and I rescued our first dog together, his first dog ever. We (I) decided on a Great Dane! Nym was just over a year old, had already had a litter of puppies and was being fostered out in the country. She would sit for us, but only for a treat. Walking her proved to be a bigger challenge than we had anticipated. She would lunge at other dogs, squirrels, rabbits and passing vehicles. She was almost hit by a dump truck on one of our walks and that’s where we drew the line. The rescue organization referred us to Cher. I gave her a call to see what we could do to help Nym adjust and respect us more. She told me on the phone it would take 5 minutes! I have to admit I laughed. I was sure Nym would be a challenge. We met with Cher and in 5 minutes we were walking a totally different dog. She was right by our side and looking at us.

 We are now able to comfortably walk her and trust her to listen to us. She sits on command and is so much more respectful. Cher taught us more about how we needed to act with Nym and every day she just gets better and better.
Cher is our go-to now and I recommend her to all of my friend and clients!