Cher is a phenomenal “pack leader”. She has wonderful control over the dogs she walks, all while reinforcing positive canine behaviors and helping to diminish undesirable ones. My Catahoula, Rory, is a very high-energy dog, and Cher has calmed him down tremendously. He looks forward to going on long walks with her every week and has formed an unbreakable bond with her. She is organized, professional, and punctual. I would, and have, recommended her to anyone looking
for dog training or walking.

We had Cher come out this morning (yes- Sunday morning, can you believe she even does work on weekends?) and didn’t know… what to expect as we haven’t had a puppy in 13 years. Our 5 month old Zeus is a little spoiled Yorkie, who had not too many manners aside from the basic sit and lay down. By the end of our 2 hour session, we had him walking on a loose leash, sitting and laying down on commend, and even at a stay command. Because that wasn’t enough, we learnt how to make him comfortable in his crate, and give him boundaries and structure. Thanks again Cher, and we can’t wait to keep working with you!
– Max and Veronica