Kyleigh is almost 4 years old. Between the ages of 18 and 24 months she was “attacked / charged / bullied / pinned” on 5 different occasions. Twice while she was attached to my bicycle. In none of these situations did she provoke any of these dogs. As a result of these negative encounters with these dogs, she became quite … Read More


Lenny is our 1.5 year old bull mastiff rescue, who used to “run the show” in my house – whines every 2 hours to go out to play, didn’t walk well on a leash (either pulled or would just stop entirely), would go “nuts” at the sight of another dog and had zero recall off leash. We called Cher at the … Read More


I would like to share my experience with Cher at Streetwise canine and the difference she has made in my relationship with my dog Gracie.  Gracie is a four month old German Shepherd puppy that had several issues that I was having trouble dealing with.  She was fearful of vehicles and would try to chase them, she would bark and lunge at … Read More


Cher is a phenomenal “pack leader”. She has wonderful control over the dogs she walks, all while reinforcing positive canine behaviors and helping to diminish undesirable ones. My Catahoula, Rory, is a very high-energy dog, and Cher has calmed him down tremendously. He looks forward to going on long walks with her every week and has formed an unbreakable bond … Read More


My boyfriend and I rescued our first dog together, his first dog ever. We (I) decided on a Great Dane! Nym was just over a year old, had already had a litter of puppies and was being fostered out in the country. She would sit for us, but only for a treat. Walking her proved to be a bigger challenge … Read More


I cannot say enough about the work Cher does, her understanding of dog behaviour and the relationship between dogs and humans is nothing short of amazing. When I was by chance connected with her, I was at a point with my dog where I felt I had run out of options – I recognized that Gus was insecure, but I thought … Read More


My dog Kanga was having issues with other dogs, barking, lunging and even trying to nip other dogs.  I enrolled her in the 6 week Boot Camp and then the 2 week Social Hour.  Thanks to Cher Wood Kanga now greets other dogs politely and enjoys playing with new doggie friends.  I never would have been able to get these … Read More

Bella Coola

My sweet girl Bella Coola was scared of everything when she came into my life.  I spent all of my free time exposing her to different places, people, dogs and challenging situations to help her gain more confidence and overcome her fears.  Things were going great until her fear started to progress – she started barking at people (aggressively) off … Read More