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Lifestyle Obedience Class

We understand you might have already attended an obedience class with minimal results. This will not be the case for you with our Lifestyle Obedience Classes. They are geared towards results. We see the value in obedience classes and find them a great place to work your dog under high distractions.

Come join us and get your dog started on the right track! With results that will last a lifetime.

Lifestyle Obedience Classes are intended for every dog, age and breed. We will teach you all the basics in order to help you build a great foundation for your dog. We use marker training paired with a balanced approach in order to teach your dog appropriate behaviours.

We cover: Sit, Place, Down, Stay, Recall, Heel( Loose leash walking), Thresholds and teach you how to create a solid relationship with your dog.

We have 2 trainers on hand during every class to ensure every dog receives one on one guidance for maximum results.

The cost of the class includes unlimited support through our clients only private Facebook group.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to confirm registration, we recommend that payment be made during registration. Without payment, we are unable to secure you a spot. 
Our Lifestyle Obedience Classes are recommend for dogs who are 5 months of age and up! 
We try and treat each dog as an individual. This means our methods/tools will be geared towards what will work best for you and your dog. We use a variety of training tools, such as halts, slip leashes, checks chains and prong collars. The most important tool we use is motivation/food and relationship. 
We have a strict no refund policy. If for any reason you are unable to attend classes, we can POSSIBLY allow you to make up some classes missed during our next class session. 
All students are required to bring a 6 foot leash and some kibble/treats for their dogs during classes. NO flexi leashes will be allowed at any time during class. 
As long as your dog is all bark and not bite, you can join our Lifestyle Obedience Class. If you are unable to control your dogs outburst and feel he would be disruptive in class, then we recommend signing up for private training. If you are unsure please give us a call to further discuss training options. 
A missed class results in forfeiting that lesson. If the instructor cancels a class, an additional class will be added on. 
We do not allow any dogs or humans to approach dogs in class. We require that every handler keep their dogs in their bubble and with them at all times. Our class focuses on teaching your dogs that nothing else matters, therefore a big part of the class is learning to have control over your dog among distractions.