The “furbaby” Generation

Let’s break the word down in order to fully understand its meaning. The word fur I can totally get on board with, dogs have fur, right? Now for the “baby” part…it does make my skin crawl. As a parent of an actual human, I find this so disrespectful to parents and to the animals we bring into our homes. We … Read More


I cannot say enough about the work Cher does, her understanding of dog behaviour and the relationship between dogs and humans is nothing short of amazing. When I was by chance connected with her, I was at a point with my dog where I felt I had run out of options – I recognized that Gus was insecure, but I thought … Read More


My dog Kanga was having issues with other dogs, barking, lunging and even trying to nip other dogs.  I enrolled her in the 6 week Boot Camp and then the 2 week Social Hour.  Thanks to Cher Wood Kanga now greets other dogs politely and enjoys playing with new doggie friends.  I never would have been able to get these … Read More

Bella Coola

My sweet girl Bella Coola was scared of everything when she came into my life.  I spent all of my free time exposing her to different places, people, dogs and challenging situations to help her gain more confidence and overcome her fears.  Things were going great until her fear started to progress – she started barking at people (aggressively) off … Read More

The Freedom Reflex

Why do dogs run away? If you would have asked me this two years ago, maybe even less then a year ago. My answer would have been super simple and I probably would have placed most of the blame on the owners. The lack of training and leadership was basically all I could have said to answer this question. That … Read More