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Boarding School & Private Lessons

Hear enthusiastic compliments from family and friends—even complete strangers!—because your dog is so calm and well-mannered. Confidently walk by out-of- control dogs because your dog pays attention to you and doesn’t pull.

Peacefully eat a meal at the best dog-friendly restaurant in town because your dog lies quietly and stays in place. The relationship-building and obedience training features of our dog training programs are the gateway to permanent behaviour change in your dog. Unwanted behaviours disappear because these features are so powerful, and easy to learn.

Private Lessons: At Our Facility, On Your Schedule.

Do you want to build an unbreakable bond with your dog? We highly recommend a private lessons program. You and your dog will train at our home like facility, to make your learning as convenient, fast, and easy to apply to real life as possible! In no time at all, the dog that you trained will effortlessly respond to whatever you ask and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Boarding School Program Starting at $1250.00

This program includes LIFETIME SUPPORT

Is your schedule a little too hectic to train your dog?

Are you not home enough to be as clear and consistent as you would like during the learning stages of training?

Our Boarding School Program might be just what you are looking for to get a head start on training. Drop your dog off with us for 4 weeks and let us help!

Program features and bonuses include:

-Work on behaviour issues

-Basic Obedience

-2 Hour Go Home Lesson

-Training Tools

-Lifestyle Obedience Class

-Detailed Written Training Material

-1 Hour “Tune up” Lesson ( Within 3 months of completing the last lesson)

⇒   ⇒   ⇒   ⇒    Hourly lessons also available upon request ⇐   ⇐   ⇐   ⇐

Puppy Training $349.99

Every puppy is unique, therefore we have customized lesson plans to help! The best part of our puppy program is our supervised socials. After each lesson, your puppy will be able to learn some canine social skills using members of our pack.

Program features and bonuses include:

-Three Private Lessons

-Dog Socials

-Training Collar

-Unlimited Phone support (within 1 month after completing the last lesson)

-Detailed Written Training Materials

Adult Training $469.99

When your dog has minor—but typical—behaviour issues like play biting, jumping on people, pulling on the leash, biting the leash, running through open doors, not coming when called, not staying, etc., this dog training program is the perfect choice! Program features and bonuses include:

-Four Private Lessons

-Training Collar

-Detailed Written Training Materials

-6 Month Email Support

-Access to Our Clients Only Facebook Page

-One, 1 hour “Tune-up” Lesson (within 6 months of completing the last lesson)

100% Recall $289.99

If you are looking to have the best technical recall in town, this program is for you! The program is designed strictly to establish a 100% recall, no obedience or behaviours will be addressed. This program uses remote training collars to help you touch your dog from a distance, safely and effectively.

-Three Private Lessons

-Detailed Written Training Materials

-Access to Our Clients Only Facebook Page

*Additional training equipment may be required for certain behaviour issues. The equipment is available for purchase from us.

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